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Six Tips to Keep Your Home Germ Free this Fall

Stay Germ Free this Fall

The kids are back to school and Bostonians are spending less time on the Cape and more time at work.

Unfortunately when Summer ends and the Fall season settles in everyone is exposed to more germs and those nasty germs can easily be brought back home and spread around. You know what happens next. The sniffles, the coughs, the trips to the doctor, feeling worn out, and all the stuff that goes along with getting coughs and colds.

Follow these six tips to reduce the spread of germs in your household and the chances of getting season coughs and colds.

Tips for Keeping Your Home and Family Germ Free this Fall

Wash and Sanitize Your Hands More Often

Wash hands more frequently. You can prevent the spread of many germs just by washing your hands. So do it often. Place hand sanitizer on the kitchen counter and on every bathroom counter to encourage everyone in your home to use it often. Use hand sanitizer before, after, and in between trips to the bathroom, trips outside the house, trips to the fridge. You get the idea.

Don’t Share Bathroom Towels

Don’t share hand towels in the bathroom. Keep a stack of small hand towels on the counter or next to the counter in each of your bathrooms and encourage everyone to use a clean towel each time they use the bathroom. Or you can assign each member of your household a designated hand towel if you don’t like the idea of only using a towel once before it goes in the wash. The important point is to not share towels and the germs that inevitably end up on them.

Keep The Kitchen Clean

Wipe down kitchen counters after every use and keep your kitchen sink and counters free of dirty dishes. All kinds of nasty germs end up in the kitchen, which is often one of the most used rooms in a household. Food, sticky hands, and dirty dishes all contribute to the spread of germs in the kitchen. Get in the habit of wiping down the counters, sink, and faucets often to keep the germs away.

Use Disinfecting Wipes

Consider purchasing disinfecting wipes and use them to keep faucets, sinks, counters, handles, and surfaces germ free. Be sure to choose wipes that are free of harmful toxic chemicals. You can see how “green” household cleaning products actually are on the Environmental Working Group’s website (one of our favorite websites) before you buy where products are graded and judged in the Guide to Healthy Cleaning.

Leave Shoes at The Door

Adopt a no shoes on in the house policy. Leave shoes at the door in a bin or in a closet by the front and/or rear doors. Keep the germs picked up on your shoes from the outdoors on your shoes and not on your carpet and floors where small children, pets, and adults who like to roll around on the floor will be exposed to them.

Hire Boston’s Best House Cleaning Company

In addition to the tips above, having your home cleaned and disinfected regularly by Spotless New England can drastically reduce the number of germs present on your floors, faucets, counters, toilets, and showers and help keep you and your family healthy and germ free during the back to school and Fall season. Plus you’ll save tons of time when you hire us to clean your home – time that you can spend doing the things that you enjoy doing in the Fall around Boston and New England, like apple picking, leaf-peeping, and rooting on the Red Sox.

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